Its been long that I didn’t posted anything over here…Strangely, there were times when I infact forgot that my blog existed. So today evening, after returning from office and while having a cup of tea on the terrace , I thought of meeting this old constant friend of mine. Well, so much happened within this short period that I literally don’t know from where to start…I feel like my life has turned upside down…

Being a person who hates changes , actually faced a hell lot of that. Starting from biding goodbyes to those known faces I saw for the whole two years to leaving the college which somehow I used to hate but missing badly now , hugging my closed people last time at the station to saying hello to the new faces I met over here, recovering myself from the hurt my known people gave to putting efforts to understand so many new souls and so on…In these few months, life has pretty much taken a different turn..Settling in a new city, staying in a new , weird place, new workplace, new colleagues and a pinch of old bruises…Yes, life actually took a different turn and may be that’s how it goes…Sometimes, we get so busy coping up with everything happening around us that eventually we forget ourselves..So its good to go back to old things while we are forgetting ourselves..

This time, my content doesn’t involve any upscale writing or any old story of mine…Instead it holds a simple particular say that is we shouldn’t forget ourselves ..Turn around and search for that one happiness which got suppressed within you and explore it! Life gets much better then…!

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