May be

We all lived once in a home which is defined as the arms of that person wrapping you tightly. The key to that home is love. No matter how big a wanderlust you are, the desire to run to that home always brings on that adrenaline rush. May be peace has become a very costly whereabout these days and we exactly can’t afford to lose that. You will meet that one person in your entire lifetime who will be home to you and thus when all your could-have’s and what-ifs knocks in, and you decide to change your address , it ends up to that inevitable void which reaps you apart. When we’re incomplete, we’re always searching for somebody to complete us. Its like a series polygamy which always fools our hearts saying that we need to find someone more promising. This is where it creates the loop. Deluding ourselves from this believe is not easy and time definitely doesn’t heal everything. All it does is that suppresses that feeling or that incompleteness linked with that person. Admitting the fact that we are responsible for our own fulfillment and not that the sole possibility of every relationship we enter will be a failure. As Nicholas Sparks rightly said, ‘ Its the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee’.

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