Hello Happiness!

Happiness…A word which has a much defined role to play in our life. Its a much chased emotion for us .We think that it all lies in the big things or the big experiences we have in the journey of our lives.But does it actually happen..Do we actually rely upon such big wonders to happen which will widen up the smile on our faces or will make us happy from within..Thinking about it long , a single word comes from within – No.We wander from here and there , expect great jobs, good relationship,happening life, and everything and we do end up getting up frustated, disappointed, delusioned.Well, life always makes us travel a roller- coaster ride.The way it goes up, it comes down too.But holding onto the falling part will only accelerate the downfall of happiness.Did you ever look at the face of a kid when you give a chocolate to them, it lights up…Did you ever paid a bit extra to the people who works for you, happiness strikes right through in the form of blessing…Did you ever helped your mom in the kitchen when she is unable to manage everything, she feels relaxed…Did you made the street children eat in the food stalls they stand hours in , begging and asking for food, their faces shines like anything…Did you saw that tears of happiness on your father’s face when you give them your first salary…Meet the person you love, may be for seconds , when he is busy working and tensed..You will see the calmness and happiness on his face when he sees you…Little things are just overshadowed often and we run over big things for being the source of happiness..we can get it from these small things too which aren’t little actually…Life will screw you up every now and then , people will disappoint you often, things will not work out the way we want but try to move your eyes from all these and search for your key to happiness…I can assure you , it will lie on small, great ,simple things!

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