Time makes us deal with anything…Right anything…May be that’s why in one of those busy afternoon while I’m engaged in some work , suddenly a single mention of your name skips my heart a beat…May be that’s why while crossing the busy streets , suddenly I get that smell of yours and trust me it still makes me lose my stability for a moment…Right..time heals up everything…

Life always makes you feel like you are on a roller- coaster ride where you will have highs and lows but its just that the people you ride with changes…Nothing is constant..Right nothing is..At every phase of your life, there will be one person who will do all those things which may be you always wanted from someone but what is the strangest part you know..That person will not be ready to sit with you and enjoy the ride throughout…Every step of your life demands a different you…And you have no other alternative than to share your ride with them for a moment and then wait for the turn when the person gets replaced…We all are sealing permanent needs by temporary people…

So may be nothing is constant is more rightly said than time heals up everything…At least it brings up the reality of life , may be harsh but truth and not the illusion that time will actually make you heal every wound or scar you once got in your life…

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