Life of that girl

Its been said that time heals up everything but does it really happen..Well I think time just fools you by helping your mind say to your heart that you have moved forward..

It was the joyous December month when the new year gifted me the most wonderful thing I could ever get in my life..A person who was just a stranger then and my everything later..Our friendship got started and we enjoyed each other’s company a lot..Being an introvert,I always used to restrict myself a bit from people but I couldn’t stop my words and heart to flow when I came across this person..Eventually that phase came when I realized that I had fallen for him..Love is a beautiful feeling but never thought then that it was going to ruin my entire life..All my life, I always chose friendship over love but little did I knew that my most chosen relationship was going to reward me with lifetime pain and emptiness by losing my best friend whom I loved…

Yes, I entered the city of unrequited love and by no means I could reach my home – HIM.. I cried, I cried everytime we used to talk over this but he always told me to understand his situation..I felt unloved,unappreciated, unworthy and everything but what I always ended up doing is to forgive him..His happiness was all I wanted..His smile was enough to make me forget all my pain and hurt he caused to me…

After a period, I felt that distraction sort of thing..I was afraid to ask him because I lost him as my special someone and didn’t wanted to lose him as my best friend too..But as said ‘ Nothing can go beyond our destiny ‘ ..So on 14 Feb when the whole world was celebrating love , I was about to end the most special relation of my life..I gotta know that he came into a relationship just then..I couldn’t utter a single word and was the last day I talked with him..And the most memorable part to remember is that he didn’t even tried to stop me..Just once I did what he always used to do with me and he let me to walk away…

Friendship is a beautiful and important relation unless you know to limit your emotions because it can ruin your life too…

I still miss him , his voice, his annoying behavior, everything but above all I miss myself….The girl who was unbreakable and strong..I still miss my inner peace and inner happiness..My heart still beats for him and wants his happiness but I will never go back to him..It took a hell lot of strength to walk away from him and I don’t regret my decision because sometimes you can’t be the only one trying to fix things…

I became that girl who is a mess of gorgeous chaos and will not let down her ego and self-respect for anyone..Who will not accept anything that doesn’t match her level..Who has nothing left inside her to feel anything for anyone and will go on in her life with her chin up…

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