When the raindrops fall down on my window glasses, when the bright moon lights up the whole world, I stare blankly at the sky remembering you and the void that is there in my heart after you were gone…..

The way our life gets filled up with so many people and their memories , likewise our life also gets empty in their absence accelerated by those beautiful memories shared with them…Every night when I return to my room , when I face the real me who struggled whole day keeping up the smile , I break down…The memories haunt me …It kills me every night a bit…When my playlist plays your favourite songs, when your memories compel me to see your pictures…that’s when I realize my life has become a complete void in your absence….Sometimes I keep staring on my phone hoping that it’ll beep once and I will get your goodnight texts which I used to get everyday ….

Just after the day I walked away from your life, the next morning I typed ‘Good morning’ and was about to send you, then I realized this can’t be done anymore …After that day, neither do I send those messages nor I get those….

Love can fill your empty heart and the void but it can also make one…My life became an example of that…People are many to fill the void of my dead soul with love but to make it alive, only the one who has created the void is required….


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